The capillary tube, ending below in a bulb containing mercury and with a U-fold at the top, is connected to a test-tube on one side that contains a roll of paper. On this are handwritten the temperatures on the Réaumur scale between 45° and + 150° at which certain physical and chemical phenomena occur. It reads: 30° mercury freezes; 25°acetic acid freezes; 0° pure water freezes; 10° wine fermentation, constant temperature of the deep mines; 30° heat of manufacture of boiling sulphuric water, human blood, melted butter; 45° yellow wax melts; 50° camphor sublimes; 60° spirit of wine boils; 68° black pitch melts; 75° common wine boils; 88° sea water boils; 90° sulphur melts; 97° nitric acid boils.

On the paper is also written the name of its maker: Alessandro Duroni in Milano, Galleria De Cristoforis n. 27

Device on display.